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In 31 years, the company focused on food production, from 5000 yuan to start a business, now has 10 wholly owned and holding subsidiaries, processing of agricultural products in the raw material of nearly 200000 tons of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and China canned industry top ten enterprises. In 2014, the total output value of zishan group was 750 million yuan, and the export volume was more than 500 million yuan.

Purple mountain group chairman HongChangShui has the age of this year, is still on the direction control the direction of development of the purple mountain, with cao cao "the turtle is longevity" in the poetry "li-an, your costraint, martyrs twilight, hero unceasingly" and to describe him enough.

In the face of the new normal of economy, "old ji" also has its own new ideas, exports to the domestic market, products and channels to make changes, and focuses on the development of "regulating food", and hong long water is ready to "rebuild the mountain".

Haidu news July 31, purple mountain group holds the first half of the business analysis meeting, hong changshui did not appear in the meeting, to the purple mountain, this is the new normal. Over 70 years old, settled in xiamen, purple mountain "godfather" slowly fades out of the enterprise's daily management affairs. Started from fund-raising 5000 yuan, until now has 10 subsidiary companies of enterprise groups, over the years has always been a business card of the private economy in zhangzhou, HongChangShui has also been on the road: proud, also have defects.

Instead of being caught up in daily affairs, hong has more time to read, learn and think. Thanks to this, the old man, hong changshui, has been on the cutting edge of The Times: with the iPhone 6, with the most cutting-edge sports bracelet on hand, WeChat is more fun than the young.

Greater benefit lies in the way of thinking, fade out with out the benefits of things so often, a distance, but can go to look at it from a more macro perspective, HongChangShui now consider the most strategic issue is how to rebuild the purple mountain. Last year, the purple mountain group signed a strategic agreement between the two business groups with Beijing, from Beijing second business offline channels, at the same time online aggressively expand the network channels, product development for "food" xu li, a series of layout are built around strategic adjustment.

The pioneers, the managers, are quietly turning to reconstructors.

A pioneer on a mountain

Name the enterprise "purple mountain", this is the idea of hong changshui. In the eyes of hong changshui, running a business is like climbing a mountain perilous peak, and an entrepreneur is a brave warrior who goes to the mountain and climbs high.

The ascent began in 1984, when he was 40 years old and the household contract responsibility system was driving the great liberation of rural productivity. However, what he saw was a contradiction in the further development of the countryside: lack of land, surplus labor, abundant agricultural resources and backward processing industry. "To give full play to the local resources advantage, food manufacturing is the best fit."

He went to his employer, and he talked about it, and he talked about it, and eventually he talked about a dozen farmers, and he raised 5,000 yuan to start his own business. It was an unforgettable time. Every morning at 5 o 'clock, he got up early and worked until 10 o 'clock in the evening. The farmers are the new things, lack of funds, frugality, everywhere raise; Lack of technology, go to the state-run canning factory to learn.

With a strong vitality, the company produced a total of 172 tons of high-quality fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the business, with a production value of 647 thousand yuan, and the products are favored by users. Zhangzhou's largest state-owned industrial goods agency has established trade relations with them. Two years later, the product of purple mountain canning factory entered xiamen special zone, use the international market channel of special zone, sell the product abroad for the first time, economic benefit greatly.

"Dare to fight", is a lot of people around the evaluation of hong changshui. But hongchangshui not only dare to do, but also know how to work!

Events, party sponsored by now is still a popular marketing model, but as early as 1992, HongChangShui dare take out 170000 yuan big sponsors had just defeat Barcelona, is in the trough of the Chinese women's volleyball team, three games in a row, and broadcast live on television. The following year, the "purple mountain night" party was held, and special actors, such as the village, were invited. By 1996, purple mountain was the first to erect 24 high pillar billboards in the zhangzhou and fuzhou section of the national highway 324. These measures, sensational city! Many people feel that they spend too much money, but hong changshui doesn't think so. Through these marketing methods, which were very avant-garde at the time, purple mountain was fired, which quickly expanded the brand influence and popularity.


Choose to do the food, which means "believers" must be a quality, walk in purple mountain park, meet is the most direct slogan - "no quality of the production is the black sheep of his family behavior".

In terms of quality, hong changshui is a stern manager. In order to ensure the quality of procurement, hong changshui strictly stipulates that the relatives of shareholders and villagers of the village shall not engage in raw material acquisition. This reduces the impact of "human relationships" on raw material purchases. At that time, several villagers in the neighboring village of zishan produced mushrooms to make cans for it. All the chopped mushrooms face the strict screening of purple mountain, some of which do not meet the standard and can only be returned from home cooking. The idea of hong changshui is: it is better to pay high price than to lose chain on product quality.

A lot of purple mountain employees fear most is the hong long underwater workshop, often side feel, touch, there is work station to touch the bottom if the sticky, ceiling fans, to check for dust touch page above, even a small corner. "Purple mountain is a food company. There is no more important thing for food companies than health and safety." As a township enterprise, a lot of workers are nearby farmers, hong changshui requires them not to spit everywhere, not to throw cigarette butts. At first, no one answered, but when he saw the chairman of the company, hong changshui himself bent down to pick up cigarette butts, everyone had no words.

It is not only the quality and the staff, but also the partners. Once there was a cooperative paper box factory owner who gave red envelopes to the three administrators of zishan warehouse. The manager volunteered to give the red packets to hong changshui, and hongchangshui then called the owner of the paper box factory to make tea in the office. "I told him to give red envelopes to three storekeepers and send them to all the employees at the bottom of the purple mountain."

However, the flood is not just a harsh one. In purple mountain, leaders and subordinates are more of an equal and harmonious relationship. Employees are sick. The family economy is in trouble, and he is generous to help; The employee's birthday is registered in the book, the workshop is the unit, the staff organizes the birthday party.

"President of whampoa military academy"

In the food industry in zhangzhou, purple mountain, known as "whampoa" HongChangShui also is known as "intellectual businessman", because of their knowledge the bookcase in his office, full filled with books, the "purple mountain man" three characters on the wall from the same HongChangShui hands.

In his 70s, he used the latest iPhone 6, and he played WeChat, too. He can master the information posted on the circle of friends. The Times of thinking and the unossification are many people's evaluation of the flood.

Many entrepreneurs see their rivals as rivals, and Mr Hong does not think so. In the international financial crisis, as the export of edible fungi, the volume of mushroom exports has not decreased, accounting for nearly 50% of the whole province. "We have been generous with our peers in technology and international standards, and we have staff to guide us. The international market is broad and should not be limited to the competition in zhangzhou. We can work together to make the food industry stronger.

Purple mountain is the "whampoa military academy" that zhangzhou food industry deserves. Three of the "top ten companies in China's canning industry" in the zhangzhou area have come out of the purple mountain and created the same good results. Many people take the idea of learning from purple mountain to other enterprises, and drive the development of the whole zhangzhou food industry, which is most gratifying to the flood.

In addition to the purple mountain, he has a number of social functions and does not regularly attend lectures in universities. His goal is to impart the philosophy of purple mountain to more people.

Leading reproducers

In recent years, the export market has fluctuated, and the foreign economic situation is not optimistic.

In the face of the new normal, Mr. Hong said, purple mountain is also changing, and purple mountain must change. Nowadays, the internal and external sales ratio of purple mountain is about 1:4, and the target of hong changshui is upside down, and the internal and external sales ratio becomes 4:1, provided that the export share does not decrease. "The domestic market is big enough, and it needs the new products of purple mountain to be marketable." The old ji is a thousand miles away.

In order to sell the market, purple mountain began to transform the channel and product. The pickles series has been in the market in east China. Last year, zishan cooperated with the Beijing "two business" group to develop the "six must-live" pickles, which took over the northern pickle market. And mushroom production base in jiangsu will strive to use three years into the mushroom polysaccharide capsules, health food products such as fusion bacteria liquid oral liquid, and fresh, dry mushrooms, mushroom powder, and other areas of the natural food, built the nation's largest edible fungus production and deep processing base.

"Touch net" is the new impetus that purple mountain develops domestic market from channel. Tmall and jingdong online sales team have been established. Wechat business sales channels are also in intensive deployment, and purple mountain even started to design traditional bottled water distribution APP software.

HongChangShui idea is advanced, he even industrial tourism park planning construction, establishing agricultural museum, was sold on the basis of speciality and food safety, purple mountain park industrial tourism development, to establish new marketing areas of growth.

"Jumping out of canned food, jumping out of mushrooms and asparagus cans" is the future direction of purple mountain. HongChangShui said, a lot of new generation of domestic cities housewife compared with their predecessors, was occupied by daily work most of the energy, they have gradually lose interest in the kitchen, even without speaking ability to fix a chicken, a fish. At this point, the market for "conditioning food" stands out. The "conditioning food" is to cook the daily food, vacuum preservation. When in need, open a bag ready to eat. It contains what nutrients, how many calories, what kind of people to eat can be clearly marked on the package, to be healthy and hygienic.

"Now the Japanese don't have to cook their own meals for the New Year, but make a reservation in advance and arrange the food to be delivered to their home," he said after a visit to Japan. The future of purple mountain will also focus on the development of "conditioning food" to seize the big city consumer market. (channel metropolis daily)


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